So You Want to Create a Web series? IMM 6 Hour Workshop Course

This masterclass is for anyone wanting to produce a web series.

Over the last 10 years web series have quickly grown to be a popular medium with the insurgence of the Internet and home based mobile smart devices and improvements in streaming video technology mean that producing and distributing a web series is relatively cheap by traditional standards and allows producers to reach a potentially global audience who can access the shows 24 hours a day.

The popularity of web series  such as Guidestones (seen here on Hulu), which offers each episode approximately 5-10 minutes of  fast paced and exciting high quality content for viewers who can access this web series from their mobile device offer many the opportunity to produce their work in today's without the high costs involved.

So where would one begin if they wanted to create a web series? How would you market your finished project to the masses of viewers?

Well this comprehensive one day, 4-hour master class will cover the topic on how to build an audience for your web series.

  • Marketing strategies
  • Audience development
  • Online presence
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Traditional marketing concepts
  • SEO
  • Different ways to create a web series
  • and other topics pertinent to helping you get your web series out to the public!

This master class is being offered for:

$125.00 at the door but if you register online early, this master class is just $99.00
TBA from 12pm-4pm
*Class size is limited*