I Crew Mobile Movie Makers™ (This popular class subject to waitlist)

*not taken by IMM
This fast paced 12 week course provides comprehensive instruction on key aspects of a small film crew ideal for mobile film making.

As a team, students will come up with a concept, story board it, film it and post edit their project as a team utilizing applications best mobile movie production.

Learning different roles in a mobile film production team, students will work in various roles within a film crew.

The course will teach the student the how to work collectively to produce one of the following: short film, music video, mini documentary, or a informational for their course project utilizing proper film techniques, lighting and audio treatment.

"I Make Movies" Mobile Device Film School's 12 week course will instruct each team step by step through constant hands on approach the best mobile filming practices, proper film techniques and methods used to create film projects with your smart phone and/or tablet. Each student will gain a understanding on each key position of the film crew to help them gain a clear idea the roles and responsibilities of each member they are working with to complete their course project.

Our courses were created and designed to offer each student a strong foundation on how to film with their
mobile device with the necessary skills of film making that is best utilized for the mobile film maker. Mobile film students will learn the basics of the five key film making disciplines: Directing, Producing.

  • Production Design, Cinematography, and Post-Production as well as film theory essentials.
  • In this course we will cover:
  • The art of Cinematography
  • Your Camera (the smart device and its capabilities)
  • Equipment & Apps
  • Roles of each film crew member and how they relate as a team/unit
  • Different Camera Shots
  • 180° rule
  • Triangle coverage
  • Rule of 3rds
  • Audio Treatment
  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Planning the project
  • Telling the Story, script writing, Storyboard and devising a Shot list
  • Location and Location Scouting
  • On set: Understanding the importance of blocking for mobile film making
  • Effective Greens screen techniques
  • Capturing action on your mobile device effectively
  • Working with  actors
  • Managing your files
  • Legal basics for indie film making
  • Editing
*Age requirements for youth class:12-17 years old.
**Note: This is a team based course. Students will be broken into small film crews.