I Make Movies™ I Make Movies Mobile Documentary Course

This 12 week course in mobile documentary film making with "I Make Movies" Mobile Device Film School will guide students through direct on hands instruction as they develop their own film concept and/or collaborate with group members to come up with a sound concept from which they or their team can collaboratively write, storyboard, film, and edit their own short documentary film.

Students learn the fundamental tools of documentary film making. From start to finish we will cover producing, directing, camera, lighting, sound, and Editing.

Our Students will devote time to developing and pre-producing his/her documentary project in and outside the classroom to complete their eight-ten minutes in length documentary.

Significant Production and Post-production hours outside of class time are necessary to successfully complete the workshop. The Academy recognizes, as should the students, that these hours will vary from student to student, depending on the scope of each project.

Skills learned as a result of successful completion of this workshop include:
  • The ability to work independently and collaboratively in a high-pressure creative environment.
  • The fundamentals of developing, producing and directing a short documentary.
  • Experience working as a director, producer, cinematographer, sound mixer, and editor on student productions.
  • An in-depth experience working with digital video cameras and sound recording equipment.
  • Sufficient mastery of digital editing software to edit a short film of up to 10 minutes in length.
  • Sufficient knowledge of sound design, multiple track laying, and sound mixing to complete and enhance the Final Documentary.
  • Knowledge of aesthetic film theory, and documentary ethics, and experience with practical application of the same.
The lessons in this segment include:
  • analyze documentaries
  • Documentaries have a focus and an angle
  • Introduction to pre-production: developing ideas
  • Developing a structure for documentaries
  • Writing and developing storyboards
  • Pre-production
  • Production:  filming
  • Post-production
  • Video editing: Adding text, transitions, effects, voice overs and music