I Make Movies™ Mobile Music Video Production

Our new mobile video production course takes each student into the growing trend of music video production captured through the lens of a mobile device such as a cellphone, tablet or GOPRO. 

From day one, students will begin work in various facets of making a music video. Students will focus throughout this 12 week course on developing the concept of the music videos while exploring the  various styles and approaches to music video.

Working individually and collaboratively, students will began writing and pitching music video treatments, creating distinctive imagery on low budgets, directing talent, gaining representation and navigating the video industry are the primary focus, and working in class brainstorming, blocking, shooting and creatively approaching new concepts.

Each student will be conceptualizing and directing music video(s)in this course, and will receive pointers on cinematography, production design, editing, etc. as it unfolds.

The class in groups and/or individually will make a video(s) for an up-and-coming artist(s), band(s) or dance related reel during the 12 week course to complete their final project.

Emphasis on the aesthetics and technical aspects of video camera operation; pre-production planning, including collaboration, visualization, and storyboarding; production techniques and concepts such as mise-en-scene , set design, and lighting. Emphasis on visual story telling and creative problem solving.

The student will be able to:
  1. understand and utilize basic concepts of pre-production including treatment,script,and storyboard as it applies to music videos.
  2. produce and direct a short video.
  3. critique the creative and technical decisions made in the video.
  4. understand and utilize basic mobile camera techniques and lighting for video.
Course Content (Body of knowledge) -

  1. Pre-production
    1. Conceptionalize the video concept to find the visual hook
    2. write a treatment
    3. learn script and storyboard preparation skills
  2. Production
    1. work collaboratively in groups to shoot one music video project
    2. gain proficiency in videography concepts including framing,composition,and moving camera
    3. gain an understanding of specialized lighting
    4. understand the mobile device camera capabilities 
    5. Continuity and shot flow
    6. Shooting in different lighting situations: Natural, staged, indoor etc.
    7. gain an understanding industry standard terminology 
    8. Understanding forms, Contracts, Budgeting sheets, Release forms etc
    9. Set/location selection
    10. Single and multi camera set ups

*This class is offered for Kids/Youth/Adults