I Make Movies™ Mobile LIVE Production & Mobile Production

These two individual 6 week courses (total of 12 weeks of a 48 week program) are only open to year round students of :I Make Movies."™ "The Mobile Production & Mobile Production "LIVE" class is our new course that offers instruction in mobile studio pre-record filming and mobile "LIVE!" Broadcasting.
Both courses were designed to guide the student into the mobile world of broadcasting various forms of media and entertainment while using smart devices such as iPhone, iPod but primarily iPad and various apps.
The objective of this course is to offer instruction in the writing, reporting, and videotaping of news, features, editorials, and critical reviews. Content includes the history of broadcast journalism, criteria for recognizing sound journalistic practices, and basics of video production.
learning all aspects of all roles in the television studio (director, technical director, producer, audio engineer, CG operator, teleprompter operator, floor director, camera operator, anchor person, technical engineer, etc.
*Student must be registered and enrolled in IMM year long curriculum.

What you can expect in this mobile broadcast course:

  • Write in Broadcast Style conforming to the ethical and practical principles that guide it;
  • Keep up with current affairs, local, national, and world;
  • Learn story structure and elements of news shows;
  • Become proficient in attributing sources, getting information right, avoiding libelous speech, and understand ethics of news reporting;
  • Will learn and employ field-reporting techniques;
  • Master the on-camera interview, both in the field and in studio;
  • Use images to tell stories;
  • Learn to write to video;
  • Learn the basic operation of a video camera;
  • Produce basic news stories
  • Learn how to edit news stories on computers;
  • Produce news shows that feature their news stories;
  • Create projects unrelated to news (commercial spots, music videos, PSAs, promotional pieces, and graphical introductions and transitions, etc.)
  • Record and/or stream live concerts,events etc.
  • 1st Amendment Issues
  • breaking news through kickers
  • Field reporting shooting usable video footage
  • Conducting the on-camera interview
  • Shooting telling B-roll
  • Composing interesting shots
  • Telling stories in unconventional ways
  • Narration
In addition, students will broaden their knowledge base in capturing sound:

  • Microphones
  • Capturing Natural Sound
  • Capturing Primary Audio Track Sound
  • Analog vs. Digital
  • Mixing and Editing to tell a story


  • Developing ear for effective news stories
  • Public Service Announcements, Music Videos, TV Commercials, etc.
Adults & Youth seperately exclusively in our year long program,