I Make Movies™ On da Go! Mobile Journalism: MoJo News Commandos

Students will produce various news projects shot with their iPhone, iPad (or other mobile smart device approved for this course) set-up edited on their mobile device or computer editing software in this 12 week course.

As in-training mobile content producers, students will gain invaluable on-hands experience by working independently as well as in groups to identify and arranging schedules with their subjects, choose and secure locations, prepare equipment, arrange the preparation and set up of the locations, and make final technical checks. Mobile journalists are required to edit and deliver their projects for viewing and critiques. These students will work in conjunction with Mobile Production courses to produce weekly broadcast work. All work will be reviewed carefully each week before it goes on air live on the Internet by the instructor who serves as the news editor and the remaining staff of student journalist. In addition, students will maintain the student run online news blog/zine.

Weekly students will in their team present their VO project of video and natural sound to help tell a presented story or interview. Each student chooses a topic, shoots video, writes copy, narrates and edits a 90 second segment.

Bi-weekly the submitted VOSOT is comprised of the video, the natural sound associated with that video and a short sound bite (and appropriate b-roll) to tell a story. The video rolls over the mobile journalist speaking and then opens up full for the sound on tape (SOT). Students is responsible for shooting their own footage, conduct interviews, write, narrate and edit the VOSOTS. Completed projects run approximately 90-120  seconds.

VOSOT WITH STAND-UP: Students learn introductory techniques of “stand-ups.” The stand-up, the on-location appearance of the mobile journalist on camera, will be written, taped and added to the VOSOT.

Students learn to identify good interview subjects, good locations and work on the skills and techniques of asking questions that elicit news, a good story and/or important information. Each student finds an interview subject who has a newsworthy tale to share. Students conduct the interview and write a script that uses the subject’s responses to tell the story. The “in your own words” piece will run, approximately, 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Students are required to submit one final class package piece is an individual stand-alone news segment that will air on the school's webcast network. Each student is required to present a newsworthy idea, presents the story as a “pitch,” edits his or her visuals (video, graphics, etc.) and interviews with a narration. The package runs approximately 2.5 minutes in length.

In addition, students will learn to utilize green screen to produce projects and in class projects.