I Make Movies™ presents... iPhoneography 4 Hour Workshop

This special course offered once every 4 months is a on-hands 4 hour clinic on iPhoneography will breakdown in plain language how to capture eye capturing photos taken with your own iPhone so that you too can photograph incredible shots with your camera phone.
Learning to use the top apps for iPhones to artistically capture photographs beyond a basic snapshot. The students will be instructed in class how to channel their creativity and vision to create incredible images with their iPhone.

Students of this on-hands 4 hour clinic will:
  1. Learn how to crop, rotate, frame, grunge and generally use your personal artistic aesthetics
  2. Learn and apply simple blending and masking techniques; you will learn how to use and set up the various camera and processing apps.
  3. Learn how to stitch multiple images together at various resolutions; Concentration will be placed on capturing textures and contrast in your images. Students of this creative clinic will be encouraged to work creatively when on blending techniques.
  4. Understand the importance of resolution
  5. Discover how to create an artistic vision of your photograph; you will create mood and add character to your images.
  6. Best iPhone accessories to use. 
  7. Capturing and/or controlling lighting
 *Please check our course calendar for upcoming dates.