I Make Movies™ Stop Motion Animation Course: Imagination Animation

This 12 week class is offered to kids (8years-11 years/12 years-17 years and adults).
The course is offered using mobile devices and portable usb cameras. It is the only course offered by IMM that includes use of non smart/mobile devices.
Students will learn how to create or conceptualize a theme and storyboard it for their project
  • Create their movie's set
  • Learn proper lighting technique
  • Do voice-overs
  • Learn different methods to create a stop motion animation movie
  • create a 2-5 minute stop motion animated mini movie

                                                                         The youth program incorporates students to:
  • Strengthen their ability to focus
  • Develop strong attention to detail skills
  • Learn important organizational skills
  • visualize and verbalize their imagination


*Private lessons are offered to any student enrolled or who have previously attended a "Imagination Animation workshop". Contact us  for more details.