The iPAD ANIMATOR!™ Mobile Cartoon Animation with IPAD

Become a "iPad Animator!"™ In this 12 week course you will learn to animate photos or/and drawings to create animated cartoons using a iPad.
By loading an image, students will build a skeleton structure and animate this structure by bending the image.

Using an innovative iPad apps, each student will create a complete animation with just a single drawing.
An edit image page is available if you need to modify the image and isolate the subject you want to animate.

In this class, students will:
  • Create a script for your cartoon
  • Create storyboard(s) for your cartoon 
  • Animate image(s) by creating and editing key frames on the timeline.
  • Use the timeline to organize animation on the timeline to help tell a story in a scene(s) through movement.
  • Import artwork
  • Use edit imaging tools to mask and flip artwork
  • Construct and move animated object skeleton rig
  • animating mouth movement
  • adding voice-over and sound affects
  • Design, alter and/or add background
*No drawing experience is necessary:

A iPad Animator is an artist who utilize a iPad tablet to create multiple images, known as frames, that give an illusion of movement called animation when displayed in rapid sequence.