We Can Bring I Make Movies™ to a Location Near You!

We have been offering instruction in mobile film making since 2011; and we are one of two fully devoted mobile film making schools in the United States. We are the only mobile film school offering a complete curriculum of courses created for mobile film making using proper film techniques, methods and equipment.
"I Make Movies"™ is capable of bringing our programs to you. 

That's right, we can provide our programs to your school, charter, libraries, after school and out of school programs, corporate seminars, senior programs, home school groups etc.

Our unique brand of teaching mobile film making allows us to work with you to incorporate aspects of your goals with our instruction plans to create and execute the best tailored program that is right for your organization's educational and/or extracurricular program.

We offer extended programs to the following states:
     Washington, DC
     New York
     New Jersey

All other locations outside the above listed states we offer our programs are offered in 1-2 day seminars*

*We can provide extended programs to locations outside of the above listed states with provisions. Please contact the school for further information.

**"I Make Movies"™ is an partner school of the "Learning Institute 4 the Urban Arts".