Company Profile

"I Make Movies"™ Mobile Device Film School along with Indie Entertainment University in 2012 partnered with the Learning Institute 4 the Urban Arts to help promote a healthy, positive, educational environment for youth and adults.

"I Make Movies"™ mission is to provide a strong technical foundation in film techniques using smart devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, GOPROs or any device that is considered a "smart device."

Recognizing that it can be extremely expensive to attend a conventional film school or invest in film equipment the school's founder, Tiffany-Nicole Hill author, multimedia artist, indie film maker and educator created a system of training that combines proper film techniques while using smart device(s) to make that "almost" epic film project.

Our school is offers short, informative, on-hands training that is economical for anyone to learn how to embark on their independent film making career.

The school is supported by knowledgeable instructors who are film makers in their own right. With our small class sizes we provide a atmosphere for learning smart device film making that allows anyone to learn and create their own film projects.

We strive to:
  • Provide each student with a strong foundation in film making.
  • Nurture the creative process in all our students.
  • Develop new techniques that benefit smart device film makers.
  • Support all communities we are fortunate enough to teach smart device film making to.
  • Love what we do!
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