TEAM I-Animate™

Summary: TEAM I-Animate will provide a platform and outlet for Kids & Teens to create comic and animation as a collective team using iPads and accessories. Club members will learn:
--How to create comic book stories
--Stop Motion Animation
--Animated Cartooning
    This club is open to kids 6 years to 11 years; 12 years to 16 years (boys and girls).

They will as a collective team conceptualize, create, author, produce projects that focus on life through their young eyes which that affects them in their local communities as well as global communities.
The club will:
  • Help each member develop communication skills as well as direct in person social skills while utilizing technology i.e. smart devices, social media, the internet.
  • Provide a platform that is fun and engaging for young people that can positively impact their lives as well as young people around the world
  • Develop and strengthen organizational skills
  • Develop members skills and interests in cartooning, animation and comics
  • Provide a safe arena for young people to make new friends
Each project completed will be featured in the "I Make Movies™" Film Festival which will be held every 3 months and feature work from various partner clubs, and organizations and open submissions. In addition TEAM I-Animate will take part in various Comi-Con or other festivals, conventions, events that focus on Comics and Animation.

This club will have additional chapters in other states as well as in school systems. Club membership per chapter will be limited to 50 participating members.

The club is Powered by: "I Make Movies"™ in conjunction with Carlena Gourdine's Learning Institute 4 the Urban Arts™

Application/Registration Fee: $40 (non refundable)
Monthly Membership Dues: $205 per month
Annual Membership: $2460.00

To support our community club programs visit our fiscal sponsor page. HERE "I Make Movies"™ Mobile Device Film School is currently fiscally-sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a long-time arts advocacy and advisory non-profit. Fiscal Sponsorship enables us to receive tax-deductible donations and expands the potential grants we are eligible to receive.

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