Young Black, Latino/Hispanic Mobile Film Club

Summary: This club is open to youth of Afro heritage, Latino, Hispanic or any young person of color ages 8 years of age to 18 years of age.
Members will work on creating film projects that promote youth concerns, as well as securing capital needed to produce their project as young producers. Further, they will work with knowledgeable professionals as each member learn how to secure distribution channels for their project(s). In addition, members will learn financial education needed to survive in the real world as well as producing film projects through crowdfunding, fundraising and additional means to secure funding. The club will also serve as the key component that will assist in producing IMM Film Festivals therefore learning project management and high level business skills.

 Members will work on film projects that mirror their lives in their communities in order to help them understand themselves better and those around them to make a positive impact of change.

Each member will keep a personal video journal as well as take part in a virtual investment club collectively. Financial advisors and mentors will be brought in to club meetings to teach members about personal finances so that they will be better prepared for the real world as adults and take what they learn home to teach their family what they have learned.

Application/Registration Fee: $40
Weekly Due Option: $75.00
Monthly Dues: $289.00
Annual: $3,460.00

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